Bird Feeder


Dedicated to my wife. "... My last husband spent all our money on bird feeders....."

In the beginning, all was well

(Video) Oops. Airplane flew by in this video clip.

The wrath of God

Storm blows a street sign down and half the roof away:

Found the roof down the block. Repairs:

Good as new:

Decided the original feeder was not good enough

Case dropped preventing seeds to fall into the tray, Zip tie repairs:

Second Bird Feeder

All metal. Replaced the long bolt with wire cable for easier filling:

Third Bird Feeder

Found a more better one. Beautiful. All metal. Love it:

The wrath of Pigeons (WikipediA)

Loved and fed for years across the street at the duck pond.

Now a mortal enemy (poor little guys).

Plastic Owl

Useless. Pigeons love it. I think they became best friends.

This means war!

(Video) Grown man barking at pigeons for hours.


More to come:

$100 feeder ($89.98 + tax) - for 48 hours birds won't go near it.
Hung the new one next to it to catch their attention:



Denied: (denied Video)

Fifth Bird Feeder

I don't know why. I just like it.


Livingroom, Bedroom, and Study


04-17-2022 Attack video (here)

04-24-2022 Squirel Suicide (here)