Russell's 2017 Halloween

2017 Before and After

2017 Pre Halloween Stuff (here).

2017 Post Halloween Stuff (here).

2017 Project list (work in progess) (here).

More Halloween Stuff (here).

2017 Videos

Driveway Cam 8:

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

More coming soon. Hi Tony's Mom!

10-28-2017 DFW Weather Forecast vs. Actual:

System Check:

Battle Stations manned (second shift pictured):

Plexiglass doors - rain protection:

Didn't want to deprive the birds so I made a sign:

Traffic Accident. This prop only cost about $100,000:

VIP Area ready but the VIPs were noshows:

Clowns waiting in the wings for next year. Two clown brothers never made it out of the garage.

Statue has "Hat on. Boots dusty":