The Making of Russell's 2017 Halloween

Candy? Check. 3,240 pieces

Gifted the next door neighbor a red porch light bulb.

New outside low voltage power supply for the Candy Stand.

New outside low voltage power supply for the chimney Fire and Devil eyes.

New low voltage power supplies are fed from a "Top Seceret" location in the garage.
Note to self: spell check that label.

New dedicated 110v circuit to the side yard.
Note to self: clean under the eves.

Side yard outlet powers the Crank Ghost and the Granny House.
The other outlet is audio for the Crank Ghost and the Granny House.
The grey conduit is a 25 year old low voltage service to the Malibu yard lighting.

Skeleton Man gets a new set of controls. Staying with the sick patient theme again this year.
New controls should be easier to set up and adjust the air flow (a struggle thru the years).

New cemetery sign lighting.

Tree Monster 1's head fell off in 2016. The tack welds failed.

Replaced the tack welds with bolts on the head.

Welded 1/4" steel plate to the body.
Ugly weld but good penetration. It was a challenge to weld without catching him on fire.

Bolted the head to the body. Good as new after he is re-dressed.

Creeper First Try (Proof Of Concept). No corpsing yet.

Inspired by a Halloween Forum post (here).
Corpsing link (here) .

This guy has been in the attic unmodified for years. I have 2 new Pose and Stay skeletons for Creepers if this works out.

With a couple of buddies. Still no corpsing.

Guess whose coming to dinner.

Flu Shot 10-12-2017.

New front yard control cable service.

The first set of new Tree Lighting

The first set of new Tree Lighting

Three more sets of new Tree Lighting

New Prop Control Boxes with real ATA cases vs home made wooden ones

Home Depot 9 ft. Gargantuan Spider - impulse buy - (web site here)

Assembled, hung from tree with rope, and then removed the stand.

It is not flight (moved with an air cylinder) worthy as delivered.

I'm considering cementing together joints B and C with Gorila Glue and water.

and using a flexible coupling on joints A.

10-14-2017 tub retrieval.

10-15 Unexpected Funeral.

10-16 Flags couldn't fly due to tree limbs.

10-16 Unplanned tree triming

10-17 Spider relocation - 2 houses down the street

10-17 Used my last pair now everyone has eyeballs

10-17 I'm sexy and I know it




Beating Heart power supply. Video (here).

Ebay Purchase.

AtmosFX Eeerie Eyes and Glass Globe thrift store find

Wife's Birthday 10-23