Russell's Halloween Controls

Halloween Controls and Triggers for Dummies by a Dummy

You bought or built the bestest props but they are useless if they can not be triggered.

(see the WARNING at the bottom of this page!)

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Rant

(place holder) Discussion with bfjou812 (et al.) about how I use individual power supplies vs sharing one like a car does.

Various Triggers

Button Switches

Automotive Relays

(place holder) USB Relay Boards

(place holder) 110V AC Controls

(place holder) Wireless Relays - yuck!

(place holder) Control Boards (e.g. Scuba Spook, PicoBoo, etc.)

Russell's Prop Controls

Russell's Holy Trinity of Scaring

Russell's Prop Controls (Prop side controls)

Russell's Operator Controls (Operator side controls)

Russell's Control Box (Sits in between the Prop and the Operator)

(place holder) other examples of controls

More details of my current infrastructure setup

Compressor Set Up. (here)

Sample Wiring Set Up. (here)

Audio. (here)

(place holder) Component and Tool Recommendations

Tools. You pretty much need All of these. (here)

Russell's details on recommend/must have tools and components goes here.......

then spell check everything cuz Russell don't spel good......


Halloween Props and their components are inherently dangerous and could cause severe injury or death. These instructions are being offered for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to actually build or use any of the mechanisms described in the instructions below unless you (1) are aware of every potential safety issue with each component, (2) wear every personal protection device ever invented, and (3) follow all Federal, State, local, and standard industry safety procedures associated with the handling and use of each individual and combined component. KEEP YOUR ARMS, LEGS, HEAD, AND BODY AWAY FROM MOVING PARTS AT ALL TIMES and don't catch yourself on fire. ENJOY!