Russell's Halloween Controls

Generic Prop Control - Components

(see the WARNING at the bottom of this page!)

I use an interchangeable generic prop control as much as possible when the control can be concealed. This allows me save on the cost of the common control components when building new props and switching out props year to year.

I have found that the air regulator is not required as I usualy want my "scare" to happen as quickly as possible. The restrictor on the reset air valve allows the prop to be reset at a lower speed.

Total cost should be under $50 with the majority of the expense being the 2 12VDC air valves. They are pricey because they have automotive uses. You will be tempted to use 24VDC valves that cost next to nothing. DON'T DO IT.

Previously posted picture of samples touting the success of converting the prop controls to wireless in 2013. Each control tested individually worked great. Due to interference, together, nothing worked. It almost ruined Halloween. X marks the remote receivers removed and now resting comfortably in a junk drawer. Good riddance! The blank spaces remind me of my shame.


Halloween Props and their components are inherently dangerous and could cause severe injury or death. These instructions are being offered for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to actually build or use any of the mechanisms described in the instructions below unless you (1) are aware of every potential safety issue with each component, (2) wear every personal protection device ever invented, and (3) follow all Federal, State, local, and standard industry safety procedures associated with the handling and use of each individual and combined component. KEEP YOUR ARMS, LEGS, HEAD, AND BODY AWAY FROM MOVING PARTS AT ALL TIMES and don't catch yourself on fire. ENJOY!