Russell's Halloween Controls

Russell's Control Box (see Spooky Box)

(see the WARNING at the bottom of this page!)

Adding Prop Controls to the Spooky Box
For demonstration purposes I have decided to replace some bling (a LED Digital Scrolling Sign) in the Spooky Box with some prop controls. I have a 4 to 6 space area (in red below) to play with. The goal is to end up with 8 sets (scare/reset) of controls.

Step 1 - Aquire 1 32 port 12VDC Power Supply or 2 16 port 12VDC Power Supplies

Note: I have used 3 of the 32 port power supplies without any problem.

Step 2 - Make a Terminal Strip for the outgoing prop triggers

Step 3 - Aquire the Other Components and Prepare for Assembly

Step 4 - Assembly

Finished Product - 2 red ports in reserve for 24VDC controls

2017 Living Room Controls

2017 Living Room Controls

2018 Living Room Controls


Halloween Props and their components are inherently dangerous and could cause severe injury or death. These instructions are being offered for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to actually build or use any of the mechanisms described in the instructions below unless you (1) are aware of every potential safety issue with each component, (2) wear every personal protection device ever invented, and (3) follow all Federal, State, local, and standard industry safety procedures associated with the handling and use of each individual and combined component. KEEP YOUR ARMS, LEGS, HEAD, AND BODY AWAY FROM MOVING PARTS AT ALL TIMES and don't catch yourself on fire. ENJOY!