Halloween Props

Candy Stand - Born 2016

Inspired by "Spooky Ticket Stand"

Sliding Door Demo Video clip (1.38 MB)

Sliding Door Demo with lights and audio Video clip (1.67 MB)

Ledge lowered for shorter tricker treaters and to allow for candy distribution from a sitting position.

Wider than the Spooky Ticket Booth to allow for one human candy dispenser and one monster behind the drop panel.

PVC bars.


PVC bars stained black. The stand painted with watered down latex paint. Spots missed on purpose for an aged look.

Breaks down in 3 pieces for storage.

Horizontal pnuematic drop panel (slides from left to right) to reveal a scary monster.

Made the front bars longer. Looks better but may be harder to hand out candy.
Moved indoors. Too hot outside. The wife is thrilled.

Head was laying around the garage and used for demo purposes. Actual scary monster TBD.

Vertical Drop Pannel assembly.

The red LEDs made the letters disappear in the dark.
Added a blue spot light to make it more better.

2017 - Pitched Roof

2020 - Corona Virus Plexiglass Shield and touchless Candy Shoot

2021 - Enhanced Corona Virus Plexiglass Shield and touchless Candy Shoot

2021 - New Vertical Drop Panel Monster