Halloween Props

Bert's Power Curtains

2019 Power Curtains:

A year or two ago somehow I talked Halloween Forum Bert into talking me into Power Curtains would be a good idea.
2019 might be the year for Power Curtains. Maybe I'll put the Guitar Skelly behind them?

Here's to you Bert!

2019 Power Curtains (video here)

Proof of concept almost done (video here)

Air Cylinder Bench Test (imagine them opening and closing drapes) (video here)

Wider longer curtain panels arriving in 3 to 5 business days.

"The Plan"

Garage layout. (here)

Garage Ceiling. (here)

I had one of these (CC10 SK54) and liked it.

Ordered 2 of these (CC15 SK48) by mistake.

They would work but they are larger and more heavier than what I expected/needed.

So I got this to match the one I had. Much lighter and a little longer than the new ones.

Well Shucks!

I found these drape panels but wasn't paying attention. 63" is too short!

So I got these. 84" is too long but I'll deal with that latter.

Bench Test The Cylinders.

Tree Carcass.
2 - 1x8x10
1 - 1x12X10
4 - 2X4x8

Painted with the cylinders mounted.

Positioned in the garage.

Mac vavles 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA