Halloween Props

Alligator Prop 3.0 - Born 2020

Final Product? Demo (link here)

Pneumatic Jaws Proof of Concept Video (link here)

Alligator 1 prop (link here)

Alligator 2 prop (link here)

Inspited by hoghunter's Halloween Forum post (broken link here)

Two skulls. One for electric operation and one for pneumatic operation.

Template for plywood base.

Removed the jaw locking tabs on each side.

Slot for electric motor arm operation.

Discovered (thehoghunter confirmed) that the head cannot be flush with the motor.

Switched to pneumatic. The Gripper was not needed. Used an old air cylinder that was laying around.

Alligator 3 set up for proof of concept.

Used Alligator 1 controls for Alligator 3 proof of concept.

Looks like they no longer make full skeletons.

Back in stock but oops - too small!

Wiring and Demo on the 4th of July

Operator side control

Mid level control (stashed inside the spooky box)

Spooky Box

Spooky Box (close up)

Prop side control (blue tape used before connector labels were applied)

Demo setup

Optional Frog Change Purse in mouth.

To Do: tail should wag from left to right with mouth movement.