Halloween Props

New Coffin (number 3) - Born 2016

Issue: Last year's coffin was too narrow. Coffin man could not travel up and down freely.

Solution: Build a new coffin and replace the Coffin Man.

2016 Coffin POC video (2.32MB)

2016 Coffin Demo video (1.22MB)

2016 sample Scare video

2013 Coffin Man (here)

Regulation size coffin = 84" long, 26" wide, 20" tall. It's huge!

Construction assisted by "Alive" Mike.

1" x 2" select pine with 1/4" routed channel.

Mitre cut and fitted with 1/4" sanded plywood.

Glued and nailed.

Behold - a box. Breaks down to 6 pieces for storage.

Handles found on Ebay. Dented during shipping. Oh well.


Camera in previous shot thought it was purple but it's really brown.

Base with simulated grave carpet and casket lowering device.

2016 Set Up.

2017 Set Up. Raised off the ground so it didn't kill the neighbor's grass.

2018 Set Up. Stand painted brown. Looks more better.

Breaks down in 6 pieces (top, bottom, 4 sides) for storage.