Halloween Props

Uncle Sam - Repurposed Snake Charmer Born 2010

Snake Charmer page link here

Demo Video (4.5 MB)

In operation on a windy day (1 MB)

2021 celebrating end of corona virus?

Assembly Step 1: Secure Uncle Sam and base.

Assembly Step 2: Remove Storage Bag and Shoes. Secure Fastener Bag.

Assembly Step 3: Place Uncle Sam on base. Align with base hole and secure with screw.

Assembly Step 4: Raise arm and secure with screw. Insert flag into hand.

Assembly Step 5: Secure vest together using safety pin.

Vest pinned together using safety pin and flag inserted into hand.

Assembly Step 6: Provide 12VDC power.

2016 with Talking Pumpkin demo setup

2019 with Honey Bee extraction in progress

2020 Corana Virus