Garage 2018

The Garage

Fact: I am the King of my home and what I say goes (when the wife isn't around).

Fact: I am only allowed (see previous Fact) to use the wife's side of the garage 1 week before and 1 week after Halloween.

Objective: Provide a temporary drop ceiling and walls/curtains for the 10' x 20' side of the garage that allows for early Halloween set up but also provdides the ability to use the garage (park a car) and operate the garage door at the same time. The solution should be light weight, portable, and take up the smallest amount of storage space as possible.

Garage set up in the past (here).

Sheets attached to the garage door with magnets is a great solution but takes forever to set up and take down.

All Halloween Stuff (here).

Drop Ceiling - Build Your Own Green House 1/2 EMT fittings (web site here)

Warning: These fittings come with a coating/finish that MUST be removed prior to painting.

Drop Ceiling - 10' 1/2 EMT Conduit painted black (Rolling Stones circa 1960s)

Drop Ceiling - Fittings and conduit attached with 1/4" clevis pins and labeled for ease of assembly (like Ikea).

Drop Ceiling - Suspended by chain.

Drop Ceiling -

Drop Ceiling - The corner between the double garage door is suported by a 1/2" EMT Conduit set in a hole in the garage floor. This allows the operation of the garage door when the ceiling is in place.

Snap Clamps

Plasic Sheeting

Plasic Sheet Ceiling - Proof of Concept
What appears to be wrinkles in the ceiling is actually light reflections in the photo.

Plasic Sheet Ceiling - Proof of Concept
before adjusting and clamping