Halloween Props

Crowd Control - PVC Chain Fence

Plastic Chain Between 1/2 inch PVC Poles Stained Black.

Each pole is supported by 1/4 inch REBAR driven into the ground.

Poles can be spaced and topped to taste.

Black Plastic Chain --- 6mm preferred ---- 8mm is a little bit larger

Learn about PVC Stain (here)

1/2 inch PVC Poles and Caps Stained Black

Brass Chain Hooks Painted Black

Shown with plastic skull finials

WARNING: Do not drive rebar into your sprinkler system (as shown below).

Another Application - Garage Barrier

A crowd respecting the chain barrier as if it was barb wire

Off Duty Police parked next door as Crowd Control in 2014

2017 VIP Area

2017 - 5 No Parking Signs for across the street

Next Door Neighbor Left Fence

Next Door Neighbor Right Fence