Notes To Self

Notes To Self


Atlas Shrugged

PTAU45 Pyle Mini

PVC STAIN Black = 1/2 dye + 4oz cleaner --- (purchased 1oz)

Flambeau Zerust Tuff Tainer 7000R 1 compartment double deep

Door Club

Serilite 12.7 Qt 1717 Costa Brown Tint upc 73149 08382

Shemagh - head scarf

Plano PillarLock Do0uble Sc0ped R1f1e Case model 1512

tapcon masonary 3/16 bit for 1/4 screws 5/32 bit for 3/16 screws

swivel arm, clevis, yoke, collar, coupler, rod end, nose mount

Shirt 16.5 33 32, Rockport Shoes

Taprite CO2 regulator model 3741, high pressure flow

quick clot, celox2

cementex, knipex, xcelite, wiha, erem, capacitance

save your fork, stubborn sillies


capacitance capacitor meter


Shelf Standards, Turn Button, Mortising A Hinge

Nakamichi banana plug, 22g Solid Core Hookup 22awg, TAMIYA KYOSHO Connector 2-Pin Plug

EMERSON JOHNSON banana plug (the good ones)

E12 base low voltage bulb - porch

E16 base low voltage bulb - tree

125 foot cctv cable, 21mm lugnut covers, dip your car, jam nuts

unit70studios, poisonprops, dappercadaver, midnightstudiosfx, Gore Galore, Distortions Unlimited

Nylon Dome Strain Relief Connectors, cable glans

DSC-HS310E70 700TVL SONY 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens CCTV Camera

air chisel scraper 0.401 Parker taper shaft

Antique Brass Door Club

See Jane Drill - Inside Corners

M-D Building Products 36" Th393 Threshold 76265 1-1/8x4-9/16

Cooper 1177CG 15A 125V 5-15R 2P 3W 6-Outlet Adapter Surge Protector Receptacle

Kwikset Smart Code 909

The Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice. Both palliative care and hospice care provide comfort. But palliative care can begin at diagnosis, and at the same time as treatment. Hospice care begins after treatment of the disease is stopped and when it is clear that the person is not going to survive the illness.

FS-8-MG-C Stack on

KNIPEX 90 25 40 Pipe Cutter

ALTRONIX R1224DC16CB Power Supply Rack Mount

Cat5e Keystone Punch Down

Sterilite 16 Gal./61 L Storage Trunk, Black

10-32 x 7/16 " Knurled Thumb Screw

high5electronics - NEW PA DJ 6RU Equipment Rack Mount Flight Storage Case

high5electronics - NEW PA DJ 10RU Equipment Rack Mount Flight Storage Case

Rack Writer

Chauvet Hurricane 1301


Angle Grinders 4 1/2 cut-off wheel 7/8 arbor


A Certain Kind Of Death - Documentary

Corner Gas, Blue Heelers, The Pentagon Wars, After Armageddon

The Way Home, Letters to God, Seceret Life of Jonathan Sperry, Miricles From Heaven

Taylor Swift, Shemagh, GG Allin, Jesco White

The Website Is Down

PVC STAIN Black = 1/2 dye + 4oz cleaner --- (purchased 1oz)

Flambeau Zerust Tuff Tainer 7000R 1 compartment double deep

Security Labs SL720 time lapse