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rev russ Minister - Universal Life Church
.....Many have a hard time believing it is so simple and legal too! Ordination is a legal standing under the law. It was granted to you by the ULC without question of believes (if any), granted for life, for free. You can perform every sacerdotal duty of YOUR believe system as you like with the little, humble web site credential. The humble website credential is paper proof that your ordination request has been received by the church and legalized. That website credential is sufficient for most all of the fifty states, however some states require ministers to register their ordination credentials and some may even have to produce a Letter of Good Standing from the church. In those instances you must have the authentic wall credential and it is available online for $5. If ministers need to register in states that require ministerial ordination registration (only if they wish to perform marriages) a Letter of Good Standing will be issued upon written request from the church.........
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unsaved For Additional Spiritual Guidance
Check out the Landover Baptist church site. Now that is inspiration!
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